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Weak !
(CC BY-SA 3.0 by PatriciaR , referenced here)

Nobody wants to be the weakling. Even less so the people in powerful positions. They feel comfortable with their perception that they can move initiatives, laws, policies and - of course - block them.

Powerful Positions of Big Companies

Positions hold by big multinational corporations are powerful positions, because those companies, and in some cases rich individuals, have the money to back these positions up with PR, limitless litigation, buying politicians, buying laws and whatever further unlawful extensions of their company toolbox.
These positions are most often oriented solely on the short term profits of the company and of their leaders. Hence if those positions align with human rights, sustainability, protection of biodiversity, climate change, etc. it is only because of lucky coincidence.

Interaction with Politicians

More often these big players want to preserve their unsustainable business model and trample over people and nature to maintain their way. Politicians who help to implement and preserve these positions and put them into law get rewarded with money from the companies, either to be used for their personal well being or to cement their power position in the political landscape.


These politicians will now mirror the wish list of the company which pays for them in the political arena. Being backed up by large amounts of money and a machinery which can crush everyone who dares to step in their way those politicians feel powerful. What they don't realize is, that they are actually quite weak. They are just a tiny  gear. They are used. They only walk the way of the least resistance. 

Tell them!

Maybe we should tell them more clearly. They are weaklings. The people admired in history are not those who went the easy way, but those who went the hard way. The people admired in history are not those who were focused on increasing their personal profit and personal wealth, but those who risked their personal interests to achieve freedom for the people who achieved the well being of the people and  who achieved a better protection of the nature. These people (sometimes politicians) were strong. 

The others are weaklings. They flow with the stream, Let's tell them that!

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